Fact sheets

This is a time of learning, questioning, listening, and considering. It is a time to understand what is in the Final Agreement, and what it means for our future. It is a time to think carefully and decide—as a unified Lheidli T’enneh Nation—the best path forward for our future.

Whatever the outcome, this vote will be historic. As we walk this path, as we talk about and consider our future together, our people will become stronger. We will hold the conversations about our choices in an open and respectful way, where all thoughts and opinions will be valued; where we respect and learn from each other; where we decide our future together.

There are several fact sheets that explore the content of the Final Agreement in more detail.

  1. One people, moving forward together
  2. The Final Agreement: A look inside
  3. Benefits and the limitations of the Final Agreement
  4. Alternative paths
  5. Our land, our opportunity
  6. Hunting and fishing
  7. Taxation: A path to independence
  8. Culture and heritage
  9. Our government
  10. Programs and services
  11. What happens after the vote
  12. Shared territories
  13. Specific claims